Convergent Media Practices

Week 1: The Medium is the Message

So this week’s topic of interest was the medium of a message contributing highly to how a message is received. I think this can be taken a multitude of different ways. For example, distribution, if I were to make a Reddit post about my latest hot new invention or idea, the distribution is largely restricted to the audience of the people of Reddit. There are positives and negatives of this of course, maybe the audience is perfectly suited and marketed towards my invention/idea, or maybe not? Maybe the subreddit I posted in is completely irrelevant and I get mass downvoted? I find it interesting that these kinds of positive and negative effects on distribution of an idea change drastically based on the platform (or medium) of the message. How does the audience of Twitter differ from that of Tumblr when confronted with a very similar message? I do not know, but I’m sure I will find out during BCM112!


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