Introduction To Media Arts

MEDA101 – Authority Project

My aim in creating this project was to create a genuine sense of intrigue in the audience and make them feel like they don’t know what to expect next. By setting them up with a basic “high hat” sound created with static noise I gave the audience a hint of intrigue and a solid basis for what to expect for the rest of the song. By destroying this idea with the introduction of the vocal audio loop, which is a police officer shouting at an innocent young boy for no reason, the audience is left trying to figure out what the audio piece is about, I also reversed this audio clip to sustain this affect throughout the piece as to leave the audience trying to piece together what the words mean. The fade out ending almost teases the audience because they are (hopefully) left listening intently trying to comprehend the vocal track. All of the instruments in the piece were recorded on my own synthesizers that were custom made for the purposes of the piece.


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