Convergent Media Practices

Closed garden? Gandalf does not understand…


This meme was intended to highlight some of the almost ridiculous forms of thinking in today’s modern technology market in terms of the creation of an open platform. Consider this, Apple’s IPhone has always (and probably always will) run IOS, a proprietary software/firmware that basically enables the iPhone to do everything it needs to. Now this newest biggest and best IPhone (as of 27/03/15) cost you $1450. You bought it right? It’s yours to do what you will with it because it is your property, right? WRONG. Try installing Android’s KitKat firmware on your phone, to save you the effort I’ve already clicked the first link on “install KitKat on Iphone” here. Does this not bother you? We live in a society where we buy a piece of technology at such an expense and still don’t have the choice to run whatever software on it we want to? To summarise¬†in movie analogy, everyone who bought an IPhone (including me) just took the blue pill.


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