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Introduction to Media Studies: Uncanny Project

My concept when approaching taking these photo’s was to capture a sense of age from the objects in the image and to relate them to age. The object were hand picked from an assortment of decor items around my home as I distinguished a distinct sense of age from each object. In more depth the first indoor shot of the possum skull resembles death, an inevitable end to the time of a person or thing. All of the featured objects in each image are supposed to accurately represent an aspect of age, in my research of the “uncanny” most images seemed to leave the audience with a sense of confusion or intense interest as to what the purpose of taking the image was. The development of the images was done in roughly 3 amount of steps. Finding the correct object/feature for the image, setting the scene and camera up for the shot, and adjusting physical filters and focal point of the camera before taking the shot. Only a small amount of post processing changes were made to a few images, and only on colour levels to compensate for minute filter adjustments.

Beauty Age Time The Light Missing Death


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