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Citizen Journalism

The question can be raised, is one guy/girl with a smart phone who happens to be the first person to see and tweet about/document an event a journalist?

Well, I think the unanimous answer would be no, he just got lucky and happen to be in the right place at the right time. However if I posed the same question but instead this guy/girl has a $1,499 drone for recording events, maybe you would’ve answered differently. Now, to blow your mind, lets say we have 10 of these people, assume they’re exactly the same, but they all document different events across the country and post to one page or under one name. Are they journalists now? I would say absolutely. But really the person is exactly the same as before, but now he uses different equipment to document with, and posts under one name, not even necessarily a newspaper. I believe my meme outlines how newspapers and legacy media think about journalists like this metaphorical person perfectly.

Journalist meme


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