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Wishing this was true…

While some may find Reddit hard to use, or overwhelming in terms of how much raw content there is. IMHO this can be remedied by organising your subs so there’s only interesting content showing. For example it is common reddit etiquette to unsubscribe to all of the default subs like r/technology and r/history etc just because some of the content there can be very general and sometimes just completely unrelated to the sub it’s in. Finding subreddits that interest you even if it’s a very niche interest and contributing and sharing ideas with those communities is what makes reddit a great place. Remembering that if you can’t find that one thing you’re super interested in, you can always create a subreddit all about that interest, however odds are there’s already something very similar out there, so don’t forget to take a good long look for it before you make your own subreddit.


5 thoughts on “Wishing this was true…

  1. Hi There! I for one was a little overwhelmed at the concept of learning a whole new social media form from scratch, however after watching a couple of YouTube videos and asking lots of questions in my first tutorial, I find Reddit not as daunting as first perceived. I still feel like it is super unorganised but I’m sure once I start playing around with it I will grasp the general gist of it. Did you find Reddit difficult to use at the beginning of your exposure to the site? I guess it just goes to show that there are so many forms of interactive sites out there that not every knows about – technology is improving, updating and growing of course, and sometimes its hard to keep up!


    1. Yeah I absolutely found it hard to navigate and find just exactly what it was I was interested in, but with time and the help of like minded people it’s easy to grow your profile of subscriptions into a nice little microcosm of information and content you’re interested in. Thanks for the comment 🙂


  2. I like your interpretation of this sentences “Remembering that if you can’t find that one thing you’re super interested in, you can always create a subreddit all about that interest”. it is clearly to attractive me to use Reddit.
    Prior to this, I had no idea what is Reddit. Haven’t heard it. Is it like, kinda of forum to discuss with people who have similar hobbit with myself?


    1. It is exactly that! But it is more than one discussion forum, it is more like a hive of discussion forums, where people can destroy, create, help or hinder different idea’s and content released into that particular forum, or in this case, subreddit. There are subreddit’s on almost anything you can think of, from r/pcmr to r/morbidreality, or r/science to r/shittyscience. There truly is something for everyone. And as I said before, if there isn’t, you can always create a sub for that interest yourself! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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