International Media and Communication

Globalisation, good or bad? Or both?

Typically debates on or discussions about Globalisation tend to focus on the positive or negatives of it on society as a whole. Well I believe it to be folly to think it is either a “good” or “bad” thing for society, rather I would like to explore the intricacies surrounding it in specific areas. Primarily Technoscapes and Ideoscapes, but moreover Mediascapes, Financescapes and Ethnoscapes.

Firstly what exactly is a Technoscape? Well to put it briefly it’s how the world is standardising it’s technology. For example the internet is a global standard method of transferring large amounts of data and communicating across long distances. This standardisation of technology can have positive and negatives, ranging from the availability of information (arguable both positive and negative) to the accessibility of the internet itself. Many different factors can be taken as having a positive and/or negative effect on society as a whole. Really all that can be said about the standardisation is that it most definitely changed our world as we know it. In the last hour almost 640 TB of data was transferred around the globe, that’s the equivalent of roughly 2133 HD movies, or 250,000 songs, or all of ITunes content about 4 times over. If this doesn’t blow your mind, consider this, it would take you 5 years to view all the video that was transferred globally in the last minute, take a look at THIS link for some more interesting facts and live data about the internet.

The internet, and more specifically mobile smartphones have brought a massive change the worlds ideoscapes. The ability to snap a picture of wherever you are, be it a cultural event, music festival or political debate and post that picture on the internet for people across the globe. Before the invention of file sharing over an infrastructure such as the internet, there was no efficient way of sharing images or videos of native cultures. The effects of this can be both positive and negative, again similar to technoscapes. For example a positive effect of such infrastructure and the sharing of such images may further educate the receiving party/ies. However, a disadvantage may be that in the long term cultures could passively adopt other cultures habits/nuances and lose some of it’s traditions.

“It is useful to speak as well of financescapes, as the disposition of global capital is now a more mysterious, rapid, and difficult landscape to follow than ever before.” This quote about financescapes in an academic journal outlines how financescapes are so much different now because of globalisation. Similar things could be said about Ethnoscapes.


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