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Digital Artefact thoughts…

So I’ve been having a lot of different thoughts about my digital artefact for DIGC202 (a subject I take at uni) and I’ve come up with a few ideas.

The first of which I’ve already done a pilot episode for, the idea behind it was an entertaining youtube series in which a friend and I play a ‘sub-par’ video game we know nothing about. In the first episode we played Train Simulator 2015 for 2 hours. After editing it down to 4 minutes the result (I find) hilarious, but I hesitate to upload it just because I’m uncertain whether others will find it funny and I’m not sure I want to commit to the idea for my project just yet.

The second idea is similar, each week my friend gives me $100 and I have to find the best, or most useful tech I can find for under that amount. The social utility of both of these ideas is clear to me in the entertainment aspect. However linking each episode or the idea in general to the content in lectures I find harder to fathom. After thinking and writing this post I think I will upload that footage of the first idea, even if it shows the beginnings of a different concept all together it can show my progression and thought process throughout the course. After all…


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