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I Found X!!

3D printed quadI finally know what my project will be! In today’s tutorial we discussed different ideas and looked at some really cool technology (pic here) we could use in them and my tutor suggested the enourmous task of 3D printing a drone! But not just any old drone, oh no, I want to build one worthy of winning a race with one of the faculties pre made drones. Imagine if you will, on one side of a carpark a lone pilot, with friends and family supporting, and on the other the PhD wielding all-knowing professors with their expensive bulky drone, dwarfing the lone pilots 3D printed one. Sounds like something out of a modern racing movie. I’d love the opportunity to play with such innovative technologies as well as exploring the so called ‘regulations’ around drones and racing them.

As for actually making this thing? Well I do have some experience 3D modelling, even programming an arguing, but my knowledge of combining the two into an engineering marvel that is a racing drone? I know very,  VERY,  little. 


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