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Film, the worlds fifth largest entertainment industry behind reading, gambling and video games. What makes it tick? Well Hollywood helps, last year the box office revenue of Warner Bros alone was $1.539bn. That’s almost 2 BILLION USD. That’s an insane amount of revenue for one company, but to put it into perspective, the film industry worldwide rolled in a sweet $88.3bn. That’s a staggering amount of dosh flying around. But less about the big bucks, we all know it takes silly amounts of money to create box office movies, and we all know we’ll pay exorbitant prices to see them at a cinema. What about the little guy? You don’t hear much about Bollywood nowadays, you might think it’s an outdated genre more suited towards maybe the 90’s or even early 1000’s, but alas, India creates almost 2000 movies a year, more than any other country by a country mile! Okay so Hollywood (the US) comes in second, but in 2014 they made juuuust 700 movies total. Yes they might have spent a heap more money than India, but surely this mass of content India produces should get a little more attention than it does?

2015-09-05 00_33_41-• Leading film markets worldwide by number of films produced 2014 _ Statistic

Here’s an interesting proposition for all of you out there who reckon you think you know at least the basics of Bollywood.


Happy New Year

Bang Bang

Singham Returns

Jai Ho


2 States

How many of those ring a bell? For me it’s Jai Ho, but I’m pretty sure they’re just the lyrics of a song in Slumdog Millionaire (btw, no, it was distributed by WB, it isn’t Bollywood). Those movies are the top grossing Bollywood movies of last year. Kick at the #1 spot hit only 4000 cinema screens in total. So yes, while India may produce a great many movies, maybe not all of them are hits. But then look at the state of US film, most are written to a formula, male protagonist, female love interest, lots of special effects, crisis, bonding, crisis averted. DONE! What I like about Bollywood is it’s tenacity to be different. There are so many producers out there who will just stick to their guns (looking at you James Cameron), and thus movies start to become predictable, underwhelming even. The ‘pezazz’ brought by daring, low-budget, low risk producers from india can make movies very charming in my opinion. Of course there is a place for both in the global film scene, but by dismissing one you accept the other as standard, and either way movies would become boring. I hope this gives you some insight into the more broad world of movies than that which we are used to.



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