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The long tale of long tails…

As I fumble through thinking of ways to tie in my digital artefact to the subjects content it became obvious how this week’s topic tied in perfectly with my project.  The long tail effect is loosely about how mass consumerism is the business strategy of legacy media companies, and alternatively how selling to niche markets and creating a product out of the users/buyers is the model of more modern media companies and even businesses in general. This linked into my project in the context of the 3D printing side of building the race drone. It would be a similar situation if I tried to buy the correct parts for the drone from a big drone company, their business model would be to mass produce a standard of parts and to sell them to as many people/manufacturers that make drones as possible. Whereas I hope to explore the idea of the alternative model where the user’s of drones become the product, in this case I hope to 3D print most if not all the parts myself by using free resources online from other drone users.


3 thoughts on “The long tale of long tails…

  1. Unique take on the concept of ‘free’ content. I would interested in seeing what ‘free sources’ you’re using. Maybe if you could link them. Could be a good way to compare their way of promoting their content or product with the effects of online mass production.


    1. Sure thing Remy, I’ve been using Thingiverse ( and Pinshape ( mostly as they seem to be the platforms with the highest quality 3D models around at the moment. However if you have some knowledge in turning regular 3D models into STL files I would also advise turbosquid ( as they have a HUGE range of models, however some aren’t in the correct size to be printed out, which requires further tinkering in some kind of 3D modelling software. My favourite is C4D but Maya and Blender are good choices as well. Thanks for the interest!


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