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This weeks topic is freedom (obligatory ‘MERICA), no not the gun-toting-freedom-of-speech kind of freedom, but rather the freedom of the consumer. To take it even deeper, the freedom that consumer has with the product they’ve bought, r even the choice of product that they have. I’ll look more closely at this in the example of my digital artefact, building and racing a drone, in the prezi linked here.


3 thoughts on “FREEDOM!!!!!

    I liked your take on open vs closed source and how people can use OS to create hardware such as drones.
    I wonder what applications this will have when 3d printing technology improves and we are able to print with various materials.
    In the old days of IRC, there was a site that collated the top funny quotes. One of them was upvoted for its stupidity ‘how do we torrent hardware like we do software?’ posted far before the times of 3d printing.
    Funny thing is, it won’t be too long until we can torrent hardware. Imagine being able to torrent and print, at a fraction of the cost, the latest CPU, or the latest GPU.
    I wonder if that will happen.


    1. That would be INCREDIBLE! I WANT.
      Unfortunately I think the technology is far behind being able to print on that small a scale. Printing circuits? Easy. But printing micro-architecture? That’s a whole other ball game my friend. But lord above if it’s possible, LINK ME AS SOON AS YOU KNOW. I need that Titan X in my life hahaha.

      Thanks for the comment!


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