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How the syrian conflict and pebbles are similar.

This week I’d like to share some thoughts and examples of the concept of bridges made of pebbles. Hope you like the new content, going to try to keep doing soundcloud recordings from here on out.


3 thoughts on “How the syrian conflict and pebbles are similar.

  1. You are killing me with your lengthy ass podcasts. Luckily you have a silky smooth James Brown voice.

    I have a few questions; how many of reddit’s users, as a percentage, are US based? What factors do you think influence the popularity of r/news? How ‘sensational’ do events have to be for a story to become popular?

    I like how you reference this back to reddit. It’s interesting to see how you use the analogy of bridges made of pebbles here. Upvotes being the pebbles/foundation that bridge/story is built upon.


    1. Haha I’m sorry about the lengthy podcast, I’m trying to keep it below 5 minutes from now on.

      I’m not actually too sure about the percentage of Americans on reddit without trawling through Reddit’s stats page but if I were to guess I’d say they make up about 70% of the population on there. I think r/news being a default definitely contributes to it’s popularity, I’m sure the effect it’s had of being on everyone’s front page at some point has just snowballed over the years as well. On r/news? I’m not sure sensationalism is too relevant there, it most certainly is for the rest of reddit, but for r/news it seems to be what the most current issue faced by the US (or at least the most recent that had extensive media coverage) are the posts that get popular.

      Thanks for the comment!


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