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Social Networking Revolutions. (I promise it’s not as bad as Matrix: Revolutions)

This week I talk about how Payday 2’s “Hype Train” event last year draws similarities to the social media revolutions talked about in the lecture. I apologise for coughing all over the place, I have a bit of a iffy throat.


6 thoughts on “Social Networking Revolutions. (I promise it’s not as bad as Matrix: Revolutions)

  1. Great use of soundcloud and I like how you’ve used and original example instead of just info from the lecture. The recording drags on for a bit though, you make good points but maybe try to shorten it a little.


  2. Hi Jordan,

    Nice work with this post, you’ve taken the main ideas from the lecture and shown how it can also apply to pop cultural examples. While it is obviously a far cry from the social media revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, it is still an example that introduces people unaware of our lecture materials to the topic.

    If I could suggest one improvement, perhaps shorten the recording in some sections. I definitely can relate to long recordings (one of mine goes for 10 minutes because I got so into the topic haha), but it might help engage the audience a little more from the beginning if it was shorter.

    Great work!


  3. Jordan! Love podcasts, love the free-flowing, casual, conversational vibe you got going on. Makes it easy listening.
    I do know Payday 2. I remember when Steam released it free for 2 days. Me and like 6 other guys spent 48 hours eating pizza, drinking beer and coke and playing the shit out of the game. It was amazing.
    Very loose connection between payday and the arab spring revolutions haha. But it makes sense. The power of social media in influencing dictators (CEO of overkill and arab african countries).
    Do you like reddit? I get the feeling that you like reddit.


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