Computational Media

MEDA102 Computing Sketch.

I call it, “Barred”.

2015-09-24 00_20_31-New notification 2015-09-24 00_20_05-New notification 2015-09-24 00_20_52-New notification

This piece was inspired by several works, many of which came from and more specifically some of the works from u/DBurpasaurus. I was not able to learn how to use thinking particles in an effective enough way for this assignment, so my thought was to do something opposite in nature, and in my opinion the opposite of organic or ‘thinking’ is barred, or closed in nature. However I did not like the lack of colour in my first attempts as it appeared too simple, so I explored the idea of a unifying colour gradient for the “bars” in my work. I hoped to convey the idea of having a ‘pretty’ closed look. However the bars themselves did not seem enough, and so to solidify the idea in the viewers mind I created the text in the background. All negative in nature the text gives a sense of being ‘out-of-reach’ as it is difficult to read behind the colourful bars. I did not use any other code in my project out of design, while I did experiment with other code for inspiration, that code was never used in my own work as I wanted to work from the ground up, fully understanding all of what I was writing. All of the functions I wrote myself and learnt from the official website.


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