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Culture and Society: Gender

This week we analysed the topic of gender, and specifically it’s influence on culture and society. One of the key concepts behind gender influence (especially in the media) that we explored was feminism. After some debate it was agreed upon that feminism itself was heavily misunderstood, especially in the media. We theorised this was because the media only reported on extreme cases of feminism which often misinterprets the true meaning of feminism, which we defined as all humans being equal in every way. The readings also explored gender having an influence on culture and society, however they explored more political examples (Alan Jones and the SULC meeting) and how influential figures of both genders could influence the media in different ways. Similarly in the ‘Indian Spring’ story, a young female who wanted to raise awareness and have action taken against the issue of rape in India used twitter to start what could be seen to be a viral awareness campaign, with her SOS tweet reaching an estimated 200,000 people and starting multiple trending hashtags. Hashtags are often an integral part of campaigns involving gender issues, #freethenipple, #notallmen, #loveyourlines, #redmylips just to name a few.


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