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Digital Means for Civil Ends

There are many examples of causes that have employed digital means to see their ends met. Many of which are protests, awareness campaigns and other movements that require awareness as it is much easier to reach masses of people through digital means (social media, ads) than through a physical medium or conventional means (flyers, tv commercials, etc). A good example of using digital means of raising awareness is hacktivism. Hacktivism is defined by wikipedia as “the subversive use of computers and computer networks to promote a political agenda” however I would say more broadly it encompasses using hacker methods to raise awareness of a certain cause, not just a political agenda. For example, some people in my school hacked the school’s website and vandalised it with “No hat no play? Tell that to 25k” in an effort to raise that they were dissatisfied with the ‘no hat no play’ rule considering the high fees of the school. Wikileaks is an example of hacktivism taken to the next level. Instead of the hacking being the main display of unrest or the main feature to raise awareness, wikileaks gathers information it obtains through hacking and releases it publicly.


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