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Media Spaces

My experience of being in a media space is not one I can summarise very easily. Since before I can remember I’ve been participating in different media outlets, although I may not have been realising. The first and possibly most significant contribution I’ve made to a media outlet was when I was 6, I featured in a photoshoot for a state of the art (at the time) heart pumping machine for a company I don’t even remember the name of, but I do know they were a mainly research based. I got the position because that company was using my fathers advertising company for the shoot and I happened to be suitable for the job. I don’t remember much of the actual shoot, but what I do remember is a couple of weeks later my Dad brought home all of the different pamphlets, brochures and even annual reports they had made for that company, and I was on the front cover of every one. I think at the time my main feeling was that of excitement, as every kids reaction would be at seeing themselves on an official looking flyer or pamphlet. But as time has passed I think the residual feeling was that in participating in that shoot I possible helped that company save some lives, granted in a very roundabout way, but nonetheless it’s possible. That feeling of being able to do good through participating in advertising and in the media in general could well be one of the reasons I’m so interested in the topic today.

UPDATE: The only image I can find from that shoot is on the 8th page of this annual report. I know it’s not the full page spread I referenced but I assure you it happened, maybe just not in this report.


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