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Internet and the stone age

The internet as a whole I believe has had a strong impact on the household since its genesis. It’s effects have been numerous and widespread, from general information sharing, like email, to the beautiful cesspool of content that is YouTube, and I mean that in the best way possible. Now how is that internet delivered? Currently, well, it depends on a whole different variety of variables. Most importantly, where you live.

According to Wikipedia Japan started adopting ADSL, the standard for Australians today, back in 2001 (wikipedia) and even adds that “It was a shocking event, because the price was around only 3000 yen (30US$), which was half the cost of other companies.” At the same time as ADSL was being introduced in Japan, FTTH, or as we know it ‘gigabit’ internet was also being introduced, mainly for businesses, of course, as Japan’s population and business grew, so did the need for high speed broadband. And thus, FTTH became increasingly popular and by 2011 it had reached 86% of the Japanese population.

In Australia however, the story is vastly different, as I’m sure readers are aware. Australian internet has, at least for as long as I can remember, been shoddy at best. The introduction of the NBN (FTTH/gigabit) has been slow due to our very spread out population, and slow government process. In my fathers case, he has a very different view of broadband access than I.

Question: What was your first experience of the internet?

Answer: Well since I lived in what was then considered a rural area when the first ISP’s (internet service providers) started offering residential access, I didn’t actually experience it until a very long time after it rolled out in Australia. I remember hearing about it a lot though, about how it could message people across the globe.

I think where my father’s view of the internet regarding broadband access and mine differs is it’s uses. Back when the internet was just being rolled out in Australia, the general uses of the internet were still quite, at least in terms of actual broadband usage, quite limited. Whereas today, while the broadband limit hasn’t really changed that much, the uses for it certainly have. 4K streaming, large downloads (like video games) and many more modern technologies utilise the internet at a much higher bandwidth level than the internet ever did in my father’s first experiences.




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