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Project prototype: Critical Review

My personal efforts towards creating an artwork that had compelling aesthetic components, an emotional meaning and purpose were met with many trials and tribulations. Foremost linking the technical aspect of what I am capable of creating to having a distinct emotional meaning or aesthetic purpose. Doing this was easily the most difficult part of actually creating the work. I personally took the approach of developing an understanding of what I am capable of creating technically first, and then followed with trying to link that to the emotional or aesthetic realm. In hindsight I think my work could have greatly benefited from doing the opposite, coming up with a concept or idea that I wanted to represent visually, and then applying my technical abilities to the work, however in saying that I’m not certain the concepts I would have come up with would have been easily representable through the techniques available to me.


My work’s central theme or concept revolves around the idea of wonderment a person feels when seeing regular things slowed down. There are hundreds of videos online of regular (and sometimes not so regular) objects slowed down drastically, these videos are what spurred me to use my technical skills and knowledge to create my work. Physically, creating the work was not difficult, however developing a way of presenting my visual representation was. Although the materials and components used in the work are fairly simple, due to the nature of them it became quite difficult to come up with a way to display the core concept in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Although my prototype still does not look aesthetically pleasing, at least not to the degree I am happy with, I did (with the help of others) discover another concept of wonderment that I think I’d like to explore instead, that of discovery, and finding things not meant for you. This came about through the presentation of my work, as it was centralised on the back of a blank canvas, it was discussed that the presentation alone, on the back of a canvas, gave the viewers a sense of wonderment.
Going forward I plan to develop on this concept further by testing different configurations of objects placed behind a canvas. Whether the objects themselves are that of wonderment I have yet to think about, however I think the overall work could definitely benefit from being presented in a series instead of a singular piece. However that is still subject to testing.


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