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Industry Genius: MKBHD

I don’t have one particular person who I can say is my hero in all of the industry, or at least not one that I can say for certain, but there are a few companies and individuals that do perform well in their respective fields that I follow closely. Coke and Nestle as a case study do amazingly well in the digital space they inhabit. Their social media profiles and all related marketing is incredibly well received and usually effective in conveying information to their audience. There are other brands that also do very well in their online persona, but usually they excel in one field of digital media, for example MKBHD, a very successful YouTuber who exclusively covers and reviews cutting edge tech, excels in his production skill and quality of content while staying true to the audience and honest about his own opinion, all the while maintaining an online presence that captivates the audience and engages them outside of just his YouTube videos. It’s also incredible to see how little hate he gets in his video’s comment section, especially considering the usual quality of YouTube comments. His technical ability and how he manages to utilize the very latest in bleeding edge technology in a very effective way is also very impressive, for example using RED’s Helium 8K camera to shoot his videos. While I cannot say I aspire to be in his position, I do aspire to be as effective in using cutting edge technology as a tool to convey a message as he is. 

While the field I want to work in is not the same as what MKBHD works in, what he does involves a lot of the skills required to do the job I want to be doing, managing social accounts, shooting experimental video (in the case of using RED cameras) and maintaining high levels of user engagement. I also chose to focus on MKBHD because it is difficult to find out about company social management as it’s not often publicized by the hiring company. Often because it would be the same person posting as is in the article!


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