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Research on my field

The history behind social media analytics and strategy is well, fairly non-existent. But at it’s roots I think most of the strategies developed for social media profiles are, and always have been derived from sociological studies and even have some roots in psychology. The history of both of which is extensive, however the history of these faculties in their entirety may not have complete relevance to social media marketing strategies, and for this reason, I will will deconstruct the field to find the core reasoning behind social media strategies and marketing in general.

It could be extrapolated that social media marketing strategies came about from the development of social media and the rise of online marketing. Eventually, I think the roots of marketing strategies themselves evolved from the very start of advertising in the era of the radio. In the 1920’s, as radio became a popular form of communication to the masses in the early 20th century. where sponsorship of individual radio shows were sponsored by a single company in exchange for a brief mention of the company at the start and end of the show. While there may have been no research from the companies into which radio station to sponsor to gain the most reach to their preferred audience, that is the first instance of a product being advertised to masses of people that could have been targeted given the proper research. Whether the ability to research that kind of information was readily available or if those companies did or did not do any research is completely undocumented, however in my opinion whether they did or didn’t is irrelevant, as it’s the situation that allows targetted marking that’s relevant.

It’s established that social media strategies have a distinctly diverse history, do the same strategies that apply to social media apply elsewhere? In short, it’s unclear, it seems that content made for the masses meant for entertainment or general consumption by a mass audience follow a fairly similar pattern as the strategies behind mass marketing, however in these cases, there isn’t anything to sell except the rest of that kind of media. As an example, your average youtube video can’t be sold, however the strategies behind releasing a youtube video are somewhat similar to selling a product through a video advertisement on social media. This may be due to the fact that a YouTube video can be monetised, and thus the video becomes a kind of product, however the way youtube video monetisation works currently (pay per viewer/amount of time watched) varies vastly differently to the straightforward nature of selling a physical or even soft product/service.

Other possible factors that evolved into social media strategy:

Psychological behaviours of people online


Manipulation of decision making based on passive content

Same basic strategy behind social media marketing and content creation.


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