I’ve been fortunate to have a few opportunities in my field, most fruitful of which was an internship at the not-for-profit Uniting (formerly Uniting Care). My experience actually getting the internship was quite typical, my mother was a contractor there for a period of months and it came to her attention towards the end of her contract that they were in need of some help in their digital department. I contacted them and they agreed to take me on for a week. In terms of finding existing opportunities in internships or even positions in my field, there are multiple ways to go about finding them. The first and most obvious is job seeking sites like “Seek” and “Indeed”, while these sites have an abundance of positions in my field, most are fairly vague as to what kind of company I’d be working in (which I consider quite important) and what kind of expectations are for someone in that role, which I’ve learnt varies quite drastically depending on the type and size of the company. The way I find much more lucrative in possibilities is networking, through family, friends, even colleagues (from previous jobs or uni). The potential for opportunity in my experience is just as high when asking someone if they know of any potential positions in my field as when searching a job seeking site. Although these opportunities don’t always pan out, due to prior commitments or time restraints, I equivocate this to failing an interview process through the traditional method of applying through a job seeking site.

I do however count myself among the minority, I am in the position where my dad has a lot of clients I can possibly connect with, and even be contracted by through my dad’s work, which helps with billing on the client’s side of things. I could not find any other means of finding a job or internship other than these methods listed, however in my case it is possible to cold call companies that outsource my kind of work. However in every case I’ve looked at, contact has never been available over the phone.


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