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Physicalizing Generative Data

One work that really inspired me at the ‘Out Of Hand’ exhibit was the 3D printed procedurally generated data set (I don’t know the actual name). It consisted of layers upon  layers of laser cut discs that were cut depending on a procedurally generated set of data points. I have seen many pieces of art that follow this trend, however never have I seen it in more than two dimensions.

What made this interesting to me is how my understanding of procedurally generated data was put into perspective by seeing it in it’s rawest form. Due to this work I’d like my project to have some kind of link to this ‘procedurally generated’ or even randomly generated feel. One idea I had afterwards was to create a similar work except using the data created from a songs waveform, I instantly wondered what static (of different kinds) would look like, which as I type out sounds very strange. One tool I can think of that would be very beneficial to me in moving forward with this project is the programming language ‘processing’, as I already have some experience in it and I know it would be possible for it to interpret either randomly generated data or data taken from a waveform (hopefully).

Here is an example of procedurally generated art made in processing, it’s more of a proof of concept for me, that this kind of algorithm is possible to visualize at least on a basic scale, however I would really like to explore a third dimension to this data, if I can in any way. The only other sculpture I’m aware of that denotes from this idea is any kind of 3D printed waveform, they’re often found as jewelry. I hope to steer away from this concept as it’s already been done to death and I am trying to stimulate new ideas about the physicality of digital information.



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