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Final Project – Beginnings

Preparation for the final project has begun. To explain how our planning for the final project started from, I’ve included a few images of the Facets project by Justin Maller, as this is the main point of inspiration we used moving forward with our idea.

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Initially we wanted to recreate a Facets piece, not digitally however, physically. Our thoughts were that the best way to do this was to manipulate glass in some way, and perhaps to use acetate to tint the glass. Thus, we began our search for a piece of glass to test this theory on and some acetate to shine a light through to test how it reacted/whether it produced the results we wanted. We also discussed that we’d like to incorporate some kind of visual representation of data in our work, as the experience of visiting the Materialising the Digital exhibition was still fresh.

Although it’s only the first week of starting to build the project, I think myself and the team feel we are ahead in terms of the designs and concepts we’ve come up with that we want to execute.



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