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Final Project – Testing

This week we began our first testing phase. Together we agreed that the best way to get the most out of a sheet of glass would be to crack it, and then somehow join the shards together in some way. How we do that would be the next question, but first, we just wanted to see how our lights would shine through the shards of glass.

Below you can see the results of our shattered glass test, although it was my request that we smash the glass from an edge, not on it’s face, it was safer to do so, and we didn’t think it would make much of a difference anyway. As you might be able to tell, we ended up with many small sized pieces, and only a few larger shards. This made it very difficult to create any kind of three dimensional shape as it was mostly comprised of the larger shards of glass and this didn’t produce the aesthetic we wanted.

However, the test of lighting the glass went well. We tested numerous sources of light on the glass, first an LED strip, then a normal torch, and finally, an industrial show laser. The results were good, we especially liked how the edges of the shattered pieces of glass lit up even though they were all separate. Although this didn’t solve the problem of the glass not being a viable medium to create our object with.

Thus, the plan is to research alternative materials to glass, and maybe think of some ways we could join said material together so the light would shine through separate pieces and not stop at just one.


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