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Final Project – Alternatives

Out with the old and in with the new, in this case, that’s out with glass and in with acrylic. This week we decided that was going to be our alternative material to work with in creating our object. We began researching the best places to buy it, discussing whether we should buy it tinted or not, and how we’re going to cut it. For the most part, our research went well. It seems the best place we can find to do both the buying and cutting part of the acrylic is a workshop called Cammthane. They advised it would be relatively easy and cost effective to cut the amount of acrylic we think we want into whatever basic shapes we want.

The rest of our time was spent drawing up prototypes of how we thought the object might look after cutting the acrylic, so that we would have a better understanding of what shapes we wanted to draw up and send to cammthane. Below are some of our very rough prototypes, made out of card.

Towards the end of our time together we also decided that we should make a simple prototype out of acrylic ourselves, to test again how the light would react and whether we would get the desired results. This of course has to be done before we start drawing up a design to send to Cammthane, as that decision costs money and would have a certain finality to what we could do to the piece after that.


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