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Final Project – More Testing

So we made a really rough prototype out of acrylic. It was a nightmare, primarily because the only way we could cut it was with a router one of our group members owns, but this is like 10mm acrylic we’re talking here, against a handheld electric router. It took ages to do, but we did it. That’s all that matters.

We spent the rest of our time testing different light sources again with the acrylic this time. It definitely produced some different results to the glass we tested earlier in the term. Below are some of the results, of course you have to remember this is a low light scenario, and for now all we have are smartphones to take pictures.

We also decided that we wanted to show off the object in a way more than just presenting on the day. The best way we could think of to do that was to take pictures of it in different locations, under different lighting etc, however this idea hasn’t been fully through through yet.


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