MEDA · Media Arts Workshop

Final Project – The Unholy Set-Back

So we’re in a hell of a pickle. We came up with a final design after being happy with the lighting test results with our acrylic prototype last week, and so we sent our design to Cammthane, the workshop we were going to use to purchase and cut all of our acrylic through. Only to have a huge set back in the last minute. As we paid for the cut, we received an email saying thanks, and that it would probably be done by the start of July. So we’re basically back to square one, panic-searching for how we can get this acrylic and cut it to all the shapes we want.

Regardless the show must go on, we decided it would probably be best to do it ourselves after contacting a number of places in sydney that could possibly do it for us. Our feeling was that for a hell of a lot less money we could probably produce something in between 80-90% the quality of a professional shop. Sure the quality of acrylic probably wasn’t going to be as good, and we might screw it up a bit in some way, but at this point, something is better than nothing or a receipt for $600 worth of acrylic and cutting. Thus, the rest of our week was spent looking for the best place to buy some plain sheet acrylic. We did toy with the idea of tinting some of the clear acrylic with acetate, however it became a clear issue that it would look messy trying to glue it together, and that it probably wasn’t worth the possible effect it would give. Besides that, we were running out of time to test such a theory.

One of the first iterations of our final designs. Ignore the measurements, they are incredibly wrong.


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