MEDA · Media Arts Workshop

Final Project – The Last Step

Success! Our research led us straight to bunnings, where they had just enough sheet acrylic for our needs, after a little compromising of the meaning and original idea to have three little objects, which is now one big one.

After our relative success prototyping with the much thicker acrylic, we think we’re going to be able to cut the thinner stuff bunnings has easier. Which is important as time is a factor when cutting so many lines. As for the design we sent to Cammthane, we decided that would prove to be much too difficult to cut ourselves, and thus the decision was made to cut as close to that as possible, however due to the new size limits of the sheet we can buy from bunnings, we might have to scale things down a little.

Planning for the images we want to take of the object are in place as well. We’d like to take photo’s of the object in as many locations similar to our social media posts as possible (although this proved difficult as a lot were overseas). However we made the arrangements to meet up on certain nights and go out to shoot the object with a proper SLR camera as well.

Although no actual production has happened this week, we all gather the materials we would need to start making the final object, acrylic, tape, guides, etc.

UPDATE 20/06/2017: Here is our final presented object! Complete with images as well. Happy to say we’re proud of the final product, it turned out better than expected for a full DIY job with no experience cutting acrylic!


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