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Blockchain Futures Peer Review:

Edwards project focus’ on the uses of the recently developed technology called the Blockchain. The technology itself does not serve one purpose or even a multitude of purposes, rather it serves as a tool to use in conjunction with other solutions or technologies. These uses are what Edward explores in this project, discussing the solutions… Continue reading Blockchain Futures Peer Review:

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A reflection: The Reddit Research Project.

Introduction Reddit has been of ongoing interest to me for the past several years, while I may not use it regularly, it has remained a hobby to maintain my presence and profile on reddit, and to check on it, for the past 4-5 years. My interest in Reddit had humble beginnings, a friend showed me… Continue reading A reflection: The Reddit Research Project.

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The Reddit Research Project

https://youtu.be/doD6FY8Mt90  The Interview: Me: “What do you think about Reddit’s privacy policy?” Redditor: “Well personally I like that they give you the option to remain anonymous if you want, it’s a welcome change from the other major sites that require like 8-step verification.” Me: “So you’d say you’re pro-anonymity? Would you like to see other… Continue reading The Reddit Research Project

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Reddit, the space and thoughts surrounding the age of the digital forum.

Reddit: User/non-user Sentiment Reddit, “The front page of the Internet” A forum site unlike any other, with the ‘shitpost’ quality of 4Chan but the educational value of a sub-par school. Reddit is many people’s first place for information about niche topics, a place to go to discuss what they’re into, be it DIY projects or… Continue reading Reddit, the space and thoughts surrounding the age of the digital forum.