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A reflection: The Reddit Research Project.

Introduction Reddit has been of ongoing interest to me for the past several years, while I may not use it regularly, it has remained a hobby to maintain my presence and profile on reddit, and to check on it, for the past 4-5 years. My interest in Reddit had humble beginnings, a friend showed me… Continue reading A reflection: The Reddit Research Project.


Autoethnographic research project

A semi-first look at the chinese social media website ‘Weibo’ (I really hope I pronounce it right).


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Project prototype: Critical Review

My personal efforts towards creating an artwork that had compelling aesthetic components, an emotional meaning and purpose were met with many trials and tribulations. Foremost linking the technical aspect of what I am capable of creating to having a distinct emotional meaning or aesthetic purpose. Doing this was easily the most difficult part of actually… Continue reading Project prototype: Critical Review